Ace 's Air Cell Extraction technology uses thousands of tiny Air Cells which are 90% air and only 10% moisture, which prevents overwetting. Air Cell technology dramatically lowers moisture which eliminates problems associated with wet cleaning.Cleans deeply and completely in just one pass. Other cleaning processes leave dirt-laden water behind or just clean the surface of your carpet. Von Schraders air cell extraction is the only system that cleans all the way down to the base of your carpet and extracts all of the soil in just one pass. In fact, it's so unique that it's patented.
 Dries quickly - often in less than one hour. No overwetting or bad odors. No shrinking or mildew. The air cell extraction process uses scrubbing bubbles to get your carpet and upholstery completely clean.​It is safe for people, pets and the environment. Our carpet and upholstery cleaning processes use gentle, biodegradable, non-toxic, and fragrance-free detergents that leave no sticky or oily residues to attract and hold soil.

At Ace we also use "HOT WATER EXTRACTION". This Method use High pressure jets that spray a solution of hot water and detergent into the carpet to loosen the soil and then extracted the dirty soil water out by means of a built-in suction.  Drying Time can be 3 - 4 hours because the ECLIPSE have 340 water lift power, end result deep cleaned and dry fast the Ace way! This method recommended by leaving carpets manufacturer, Shaw.
Ace Carpet Cleaning Method:

Q. Is Low Moisture Soil Extraction (Air Cell Extraction) a “surface” cleaning or “deep” cleaning method? 
A. Ace systems are extractors. They are designed to loosen soil with a full bristle brush, suspended in a low moisture-cleaning agent, and extract with a built-in vacuum. This system has cleaned heavily soiled carpet effectively for over 75 years.